With more than 300 million active Amazon users, creating a product people will buy is easy. However, launching a product that will appear on page one for a given search has long seemed impossible, until now. Page One Product Finder picks new products that rank on organic search right out of the gate, eliminating the need to spend heavily on ads.

Lifeguard Press, an Amazon seller of their own brands and maker of licensed products brands such as Kate Spade New York, Coach,and Vera Bradley, employed Page One Product Finder to realize an unprecedented Amazon product launch. The partnership was a success with Lifeguard's top item seeing the fastest growth of any product launch since the company started selling on Amazon. Read the testimonial.

The Page One Product Finder guarantees that your AI-selected products appear on page one of Amazon’s organic search within 120 days, without any expenditure on ads, or it is free. We guarantee it. Let Page One Product Finder guide your product selection strategy. Get started now.


Our AI scours millions of data points on Amazon looking for eight key indicators for product success. Taken together, these factors indicate a product’s opportunity to rank above existing competitors in organic Amazon search, with no ad dollars required.


You give us guidance on the product areas you specialize in. Then we provide you a set of Intelligent Product Briefs related to your interests. Each brief provides an overview of a given product revealed by our AI to be able to rank organically on page one of Amazon. View example brief.

From these briefs, you choose target products to bring to market, and delivers a 10-plus page Product Dossier for each product selected. Each dossier is a complete playbook delivering specific in-depth AI-driven product (creation, listing and naming) directives proven to ensure the product ranks organically on page one under a given product category. If you don’t rank on page one with one or more of the targeted search terms within three months, you get a full refund. View example dossier.